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Google - Year In Search 2017 

Features shot by Northwest Lineman College Productions

Over 157 million minutes of video content are uploaded to YouTube every year. That would take you 300 years to watch in real-time. Of all that content, Google has made an annual tradition of assembling the most impactful footage into a 2-minute video to tell the world’s story each year.

 NLC Productions is pleased to announce that Google chose to utilize footage of the eclipse shot by NLC Productions to help tell the story of the world in 2017! The shot is brief, but this is just another example of how our excellence impacts the world around us. Our shot of the eclipse progression over the power line appears at 1:04.

Visit Google Year In Search 2017 

The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017


Post Magazine 

Features NLC Productions' solar eclipse shoot

PAYETTE, ID — Josh Wiese and his teammates set out to film the solar eclipse this week — the first total eclipse to cross the US coast-to-coast for almost a century — using a Sony FS7 and Atomos Ninja Flame monitor recorder. The stunning results surprised even the cameraman. 

"The first time I saw the ring around the sun, I was looking at the recorder,” says Wiese. “Right as the totality happened, I pulled the solar filter out — and to see what I saw on the screen took my breath away. I’d tried to picture it, but it was more breath-taking than I could have even imagined.”

Wiese was working with his boss and his brother Jeremy Wiese, and their colleague Prestin Apsley. Together they usually make marketing and instructional videos for the Northwest Lineman College, which trains workers for the power industry....(click here to read more)